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We switched to STS because of the customer service piece that we were missing with our previous transportation provider. I did not fully realize what we were missing until we made the switch! STS has been willing and able to help us at every turn to help meet our transportation needs. I would recommend them highly.


Tim VanCleave
Assistant Superintendent
Robinson ISD

School Bus Safety Features

The Road Ahead is Safe.

The School Bus Driver Safety and Training Program exists to provide cost-effective, quality training that promotes student safety and reduces school bus accidents. Our commitment is to provide the District school bus drivers who are safe, competent and well-trained.

Look, Control, Adjust, Obey

STS Driver Safety and Training emphasizes the importance of observation skills when driving in today's challenging road environment. Defensive driving techniques, standard in the industry, are taught and coupled with STS' unique risk management skills, driver perception skills, and skills to develop selective seeing habits.

Did you know that riding a bus to school is the safest way for children to get to and from school? It's 12 times safer than riding to school in a car and 10 times safer than walking.

Every STS school bus is packed with safety features to protect our riders, with advanced features including:

  • Motorola and Kenwood 2-Way radios to ensure the safest communication with dispatch.   
  • Well-anchored seats with high backs that are heavily padded to absorb impact and create a protective area.
  • Smaller buses for preschool children and special needs students may utilize car seats or specialized restraint systems and can be staffed with an on-board attendant.