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Student Transportation Specialists

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"Before we contracted with STS, we were regularly experiencing issues with having enough drivers, timeliness of bus routes and trips, and the maintenance of our bus fleet. Since we have contracted with STS, we no longer have those issues. The STS staff have been great to work with to meet the needs of our district. I greatly appreciate their willingness to work as a team. STS is a quality organization that provides excellent transportation services for the children of our district!"

Dr. Michael Hope
Robinson ISD

STS is the Largest Privately-Owned Student Transportation Contracted Services Provider in Texas!

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As a privately owned company, we are able to focus on what is best for our company and our customers, based on long term relationships, not on quarterly reports responding to stockholder's short term needs.

We know that the customer is better served through a locally owned and operated company.


STS will provide a "hands on" approach, with our team-based philosophy. This is the right place and the right time for this kind of company.